Dear visitors

before you decide if our apartments are your ideal accommodation for your stay in Strumica, please read the detailed information and the simple but important house rules.

Info & House Rules:

Early or late check-in is free of charge when our guests are traveling from another country and they have previously informed us about their approximate time of arrival. This possibility does not apply for the one night reservations. Please note that Apartment COSMOS has a different check-in/check-out time frame (16:30-21:30/before 13:30)
Depending on the time of arrival of the next guests, we usually allow late check-out when we are properly asked (and informed at least one day in advance). If the current guests stay in the apartment after the check-out time, WITHOUT previously getting our approval – they agree to pay 500MKD for each additional hour of stay. If the guest is not answering their phone after their time for check-out, we have the right to enter the apartment with the reserve key (and wake them up because they have probably overslept).
Please note that Apartment COSMOS has a different check-in/check-out time frame (16:30-21:30/before 13:30)
When making the reservation our future guests are asked to pick an approximate time of their arrival. That’s how we make sure that when they arrive, somebody will be waiting for them on the address. But we truly understand that traveling usually doesn’t go exactly as we plan it at home – that’s why we ask all of our future guests to let us know about any changes in their arrival time as soon as possible!
It’s required by the law.
We make no compromises when it comes to this rule! Seriously – the apartments are NOT a place for a birthday party or similar events. We have had bad experiences before and we’ve decided that we will have ZERO tolerance when it comes to loud noise. We are happy that you have a beautiful reason to celebrate, but please cancel your reservation (free of charge) if you know that it’s very likely for you and your group to disrespect this rule.
We can not guarantee that there will be an available parking spot for your car right in front of the building. Unfortunately, the parking is not private.
If any of the guests from the reservation smokes – they need to make sure that they have reserved an apartment with a balcony or that they are comfortable with the available outdoor space where smoking is allowed (the Rooftop terrace for example). The winters in Strumica can be very cold, and summers very hot, but please know that the weather is not an acceptable excuse for smoking in you apartment.
The terrace is not a bar or a restaurant. Most of the time you can have the space all for yourself, and other times it can be a place where you can meet guests from other apartments.
You are having trouble? Make sure your door is properly closed and don’t be so gentle with the lifting of the handle 🙂
This is only allowed for reservations longer than 3 nights. Short-stay reservations from 1 to 3 nights are not allowed to have visitors in their apartments who are not signed in the “Book of Guests”.
WiFi is free everywhere in the building. We try to buy from the available providers the best internet connection there is. We know how important this is to most of our guests.
Pretty, pretty PLEASE don’t use our towels for wiping anything else but your face and your body. We will be happy to provide old but clean towels for anything dirtier that you might need them for.
The basic cleaning tools and cleaning products are already provided for the guests to clean their space by themselves, whenever they feel it’s needed. But if they don’t feel like it, we can provide the service that includes: changing the bed sheets, replacing the towels, cleaning the bathroom, removing the dust, throwing away the trash and vacuuming the floors in each room. Please don’t leave a bunch of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink before we come 🙁 It’s not really fair.
The toilet can overflow!
UPDATE: Vacuum cleaners (among other cleaning tools) are already provided in all of the apartments.
When checking-out from the apartment please make sure that the AC is turned off.
As much as we love all animals – we can not accommodate larger and long-haired breeds in the apartments.
All you need to do is ask us if you chosen apartment has the needed free space for a baby crib.
You will be surprised by our previous experiences with damaged furniture or stolen items by our own guests. It shocks and saddens us – but we don’t let it go as easy any more. PLEASE take good care of the space and everything in it. And if you like something and you want to take it home – ask us! We probably will be happy to give it to you. But don’t think that we won’t notice it missing. We know exactly when something disappears and who are the guests staying in the apartment at that time.
Your document is safe with us, you don’t have to worry. But if can’t trust a stranger with your passport, we totally understand – you can accompany us to the police station and we can finish the procedure together.
The fee for a lost “black key” from the deluxe apartments is 700MKD.